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Freeusvpn U.S. Open Traffic Free VPN Proxy Server

Freeusvpn provide free VPN proxy like before introduced Freeukvpn services the same way, the server address, username and password posted on its home page, the password changed once every 12 hours. Freeusvpn addition to the PPTP VPN service, but also provides services and OpenVPN L2TP VPN client can be in almost all operating systems, tablet PCs and smart phones, in theory, the user can obtain the highest 2M / S download speed and 1M / S upload speed. In order to avoid ISP’s DNS is hijacked, Freeusvpn the user is Google’s DNS server. In addition, Freeusvpn Google also installed instant translation.
The reason why the password changed once every 12 hours is to allow users to have to report every increase ad impressions and click rates. So how long can this Freeusvpn really hard to say.
Web site address: U.S. television networks to watch free VPN proxy server

server account and password is published in the home address, and then placed in the page the way Google AdSense account and password information is fixed, not to the home page each time a user view, but when you connect to the VPN, open any page, it will guide you first visit the home page once before you can access other sites. PPTP VPN service offered is available in popular computer operating systems and tablet computers and smart phones in use, no need to install other software, the user will get U.S. IP, the highest 2M / S rate, you can access Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Pandora, VEVO and other American music, TV and video sites.
Web site address:

Good agents powerfull of free VPN and Web Proxy

The website for the Chinese language would need online translator:
Good proxy site:
Good agent is a new VPN services this year, they gave their own position is to force the online agent. Ha ha! Do not give power to the power of our evaluation time can tell.
Good proxy proxy is free, very easy to use, log on to their website can directly enter the URL to use. They provide free VPN service, there are two methods for a random password properties, each with a random password will need to obtain, and bandwidth is limited to 1Mb / s. The second account free VPN service requires registration, but you can use the 2Mb / s bandwidth, the time limit should be a half months. Here we have reviewed is the second major free VPN service.
Good agent for use:
First, the good agent account registration
Good proxy site:
Good proxy site login, and then click the red “free up a good agent.”
After the normal registration process, a good agent will send an email verification message, and then log on the mailbox, click on the link to test mailbox. Finally, a good proxy site with login account, you can see our VPN connection account information.
Can be seen from the figure a good agent to provide the bandwidth is 2M, the server is, account is freevpninfo, my test code is 10470c, valid to 2011-02-27.
Second, the use of a good agent
PPTP provides a good proxy connection type, you can create VPN connections to connect to the VPN, they provided me a free VPN server is: Way to get a random password server is and

VPNSS Free us based on VPN

GreenVPN 200M free account traffic every month, see website for the general, it is enough.
GreenVPN Help
1.GreenVPN Account Registration
GreenVPN Registered Address:
Enter the user name, email, password, click “Register.”
2.GreenVPN account activation
Login just fill in the email, click activation link to activate the account, and account can be used.
3.GreenVPN use
GreenVPN a total of 15 servers now, are the United States. There are four lines of which are free, others are vip line. Can be seen from the table below address.
State Server Name Domain name Status
[Free Users] GreenVPN U.S. server -01 Normal
[Free Users] GreenVPN U.S. server -02 Normal
[Free Users] GreenVPN U.S. server -03 Normal
[Free Users] GreenVPN U.S. server -04 Normal
[VIP-specific] GreenVPN U.S. server -01 Normal
[VIP-specific] GreenVPN U.S. server -02 Normal
[VIP-specific] GreenVPN U.S. server -03 Normal
[VIP-specific] GreenVPN U.S. server -04 Normal
[VIP-specific] GreenVPN U.S. server -05 Normal
[VIP-specific] GreenVPN U.S. server -06 Normal
[VIP-specific] GreenVPN U.S. server -07 Normal
[VIP-specific] GreenVPN U.S. server -08 Normal
[VIP-specific] GreenVPN U.S. server -09 Normal
[VIP-specific] GreenVPN U.S. server -10 Normal
GreenVPN the VPN is PPTP and L2TP protocols, we can use to create an environment of their own. Or download their client:
google translation:

VPNSS Free based American VPN

VPNSS was recently launched VPN services. SSH and VPN services they provide, of course, we are mainly talking about here is their free VPN service.
VPNSS provide free VPN has three servers, a permanent free, no speed limit, but the speed limit every day 30M. . . . This amount is very tangled, watching videos is certainly not much to see, and also to see pages. I tested the speed is very fast. If you feel pretty good speed, can purchase their VIP service.
google translation:

RaptorVPN-free U.S PPTP OpenVPN

RaptorVPN was launched last month, a U.S. VPN, so very few people now use them to provide PPTP, OpenVPN protocol of the U.S. VPN. Because it is newly created, so are now free trial.
RaptorVPN offers both PPTP and OPENVPN connection, PPTP us first talk about the. PPTP is relatively simple, their server address is:, the user name that you entered when registering for e-mail address, password is sent to you just mentioned that the mailbox password. To enable people to create their own platform connection to use PPTP.

UnblockVPN Czech three-days free trial VPN Proxy

UnblockVPN from the Czech Republic, is a provider of VPN services, the site charges for the new user can get a three-day trial free VPN proxy service. Many of my friends would ask Why only three days to introduce a time limit VPN use it? In fact, often for free space, you all know, the stability of the Czech Republic most of the free space well, like the old,, and so on. However, due to space needs a lot of the Czech Republic Czech Republic highly anonymous proxy to apply, in particular, provide free VPS more non-high-anonymous proxy can not apply for the Czech Republic, the Czech Republic is very difficult to find highly anonymous proxy, and just UnblockVPN is a Czech free VPN agent can come in handy. Since only three days using the time, friends in need of a good time to apply for, apply for the tutorial , please read on.
Web site address:
Application Address:
Member Center: https: / / / members.php

Freeukvpn Free UK VPN Proxy Server

Freeukvpn server in the UK, to provide free VPN proxy service. Freeukvpn type used in VPN PPTP, support all windows, Linux, MacOS operating system, you can also iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and Nokia phones in use. Will be the most convenient is the official VPN proxy server address and account password and other information directly posted on the homepage, users can use without registration, but the password changed once every 12 hours, you need to keep to its home page view. Freeukvpn services funded by advertising and donations, the user can get maximum 1.5M / s download speed and 800K / s upload speed.Freeukvpn the user is Google’s DNS servers to avoid ISP’s DNS is hijacked. In addition, Freeukvpn the upper right corner of the page provided by Google including Chinese instant translation, users can select according to their language needs.
Web site address:

SecurityKISS Tunnel free impenetrable tunnel means free vpn

SecurityKISS Tunnel redirects all your online traffic through an impenetrable tunnel to our security gateway.
Everything in the tunnel is encrypted so you can:
Ensure your passwords, credit card numbers, online shopping and all of your data is secured
Protect yourself from snoopers at Wireless hotspots, hotels, airports, corporate offices
Protect your data from being intercepted by various network sniffers
Protect yourself from identity theft online

Tenacy VPN United States free VPN proxy server

Tenacy VPN from the United States, evidently a new on-line soon,the proxy server to provide VPN, in addition to fee-based services, also offers a free VPN proxy for the public. Tenacy VPN using a simple, no need to registered users, do not download and install software in the operating system can use a simple set, also supports the Android mobile phone system. Because the public free service bandwidth is limited, in order to prevent abuse of the password automatically changes every half hour, slightly inconvenient.