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Prairie Dog VPN free HONGKONG VPN server

VPN provider: Prairie Dog VPN
Location: Hong Kong
Bandwidth: Location
User Name: randomized
Password: randomized
VPN server IP:
Registered Address:
Note: Hong Kong’s VPN, I am here very fast, Ping was 50. Registration process, click on the above address, fill in mail, incoming mail for the user name and password.

Relakks free Sweden vpn server

VPN provider: Relakks
Location: Sweden
Bandwidth: 16MB / s
User Name: your registration
Password: your registration
VPN Server IP:
Registered Address:
Note: only 30 days of free service, but you can modify the MAC address of unlimited trial. For more information Relakks – free unlimited high-speed VPN proxy

Good free vpn proxy (Netcom, Telecom, Hong Kong, South Korea, United States)

Support Telecom, Netcom, Education Network, South Korea, Hong Kong, United StatesAll tests account for 30 minutes with full automatic disconnectDisconnect all test account again, after waiting for 5 minutes before landingAll test account only landing three times a day the same IPClient Download:
Green software, no installationPulpy Moderator recommended VPN, I tried the U.S., yes, even good, but fast enough.)

Hurricane Electric offers free IPV6 tunnel and certification

Simply put, is to use only IPv4 IPv6 network host connection.Tunnel Website:
Certification Web site:

Linkideo free UK VPN

Teach you for free VPN
Linkideo a VPN service provider is the United Kingdom and now also started to provide free VPN service, the bandwidth is only slightly smaller free account point is 128bit, the speed is good, IP address assignment in France after the test, do not know whether it will change frequently IP . In need can apply for a.
Application address: I
Select the first Free VPN link it wants to
Then fill in your email and password mail.
Normal after successful registration can be used.
Use the following format:
VPN Host:
VPN Account: You have registered to use the E-mail
VPN Password: You have to set the password when registering

Smarthide Free VPN and free vpn client

A global VPN, that is the popular online environment to complete your move to the United States, all your network connections will hang through the VPN software to access the Internet and then the U.S. agents.
Click to make me invisible to connect, and note that the process will result in broken network connection, QQ need to re-login.
Need to register Jiaoqian to automatically follow the system starts, automatically re-connect automatically prompted to connect interrupt, but can also, at least better than many other means (such as no other software side), VPN is a secure way.

Double-click start after installation: to register a user name, provide the next mailbox, the mailbox can be easily filled, as long as you take good care of your password, enter later, he will provide you a password, enter your user name and password can connect.

Free Japan VPN “PacketiX”

PacketiX – This is a VPN service in Japan, but it also has an English version. It is a commercial software, but you can use it for free test version. Just go to this page, download a program called “PacketiX VPN Client Manager” client and a configuration file – “Secure.vpn” can.

Free two weeks United Kingdom VPN proxy

UK VPN proxy, free use of two weeks, traffic 20G, support P2P download, VPN benefits I need add it ~
Note that the correct application, fill in the mailbox, he would address VPN user name and password sent to your mailbox go ~
I will not engage in hidden ~
Application Address:

Itshidden Free VPN Service

Itshidden is a new VPN service, which from July 17, 2009 to begin testing operations. Do you have 4GB bandwidth, it uses 128 Bit encryption throughout the network access. You do not need to install any software, as long as Itshidden to register an account, then follow the following steps to configure.

1, in your computer click “Start.”
2, the menu click on “Control Panel.”
3, click on “Network Connections” to open a new window.
4, at the interface of the left “Network Tasks”, click “Create a new connection.”
5, Click “Next” button, select “connect my work network.”
6, select “Virtual Private Network connection”.
7, a name for the VPN, such as “Itshidden”, click “Next” button.
8, select “Do not dial-up connection at the beginning”, click “Next” button.
9, enter the host address:, click the “Next” button.
10, Click “Finish” button.

All complete the setup. If you want to use Itshidden VPN, you can “network” within the double-click “Itshidden” can. The VPN server is located in the Netherlands, the speed is not bad.

591vpn Free easy use Chinese vpn

591VPN is a newly created Web site to provide vpn service to attract customers, is now published trial accounts, so you enjoy the domestic free high-speed vpn service.
591 Free VPN account: 591vpn Password: 591vpn-591vpn
(Free account disconnect once every hour)