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vpn123 free Multinational vpn server

note:Interface is Chinese
Web Accelerator is an extraordinary good free VPN green software, no installation needed to use. Extraordinary Web Accelerator proxy server includes features, both to speed up access speed, but also hide the real IP, breaking the network access restrictions. Extraordinary network accelerator support Internet browsing, support for all games, QQ, MSN, and other software Taobao Want Want. For China, U.S., South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other IP.
(1) Download VPN123 client software, download no installation, can run directly. Click below to download
(2) Open the extraordinary acceleration client software, the use of registered account or test account login.
Test site in the following account (You can also order a free trial of the software below to open):

(3) After logging in, choose your response to low speed and load service node on the line.