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Freeusvpn U.S. Open Traffic Free VPN Proxy Server

Freeusvpn provide free VPN proxy like before introduced Freeukvpn services the same way, the server address, username and password posted on its home page, the password changed once every 12 hours. Freeusvpn addition to the PPTP VPN service, but also provides services and OpenVPN L2TP VPN client can be in almost all operating systems, tablet PCs and smart phones, in theory, the user can obtain the highest 2M / S download speed and 1M / S upload speed. In order to avoid ISP’s DNS is hijacked, Freeusvpn the user is Google’s DNS server. In addition, Freeusvpn Google also installed instant translation.
The reason why the password changed once every 12 hours is to allow users to have to report every increase ad impressions and click rates. So how long can this Freeusvpn really hard to say.
Web site address: U.S. television networks to watch free VPN proxy server

server account and password is published in the home address, and then placed in the page the way Google AdSense account and password information is fixed, not to the home page each time a user view, but when you connect to the VPN, open any page, it will guide you first visit the home page once before you can access other sites. PPTP VPN service offered is available in popular computer operating systems and tablet computers and smart phones in use, no need to install other software, the user will get U.S. IP, the highest 2M / S rate, you can access Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Pandora, VEVO and other American music, TV and video sites.
Web site address:

Tenacy VPN United States free VPN proxy server

Tenacy VPN from the United States, evidently a new on-line soon,the proxy server to provide VPN, in addition to fee-based services, also offers a free VPN proxy for the public. Tenacy VPN using a simple, no need to registered users, do not download and install software in the operating system can use a simple set, also supports the Android mobile phone system. Because the public free service bandwidth is limited, in order to prevent abuse of the password automatically changes every half hour, slightly inconvenient.

VPNIRan Easy to use Free VPN Proxy Server

VPNIran is an Iranian website, the server in the United States to provide free VPN proxy server, no need to register as a member, use VPNIran website user name and password to log VPN. You can follow the picture tutorial provides VPNIran set, you can directly use the mini-green client login, it is convenient to use.
Free installation of mini-client:
Windows XP Setup Guide:
Windows 7 Setup Guide:

Coincan VPN free US vpn server

Coincan Virtual Private Network(VPN) provides free VPN service.
Why I need Coincan VPN?
1) With VPN, normally, for example, you can access your company private network from your home. For similar reasons, some countries have fire wall – such as North Korea. Their government does not allow their people to access certain content on Internet. For some companies, they don’t want their employees to surf Internet. With Coincan VPN, you can tunnel through fire wall. Your IP address will appear as a US IP address. So you can continue to enjoy unlimited access on the Internet without having to worry about government or company blockages.
2) Security for Hotspot Wireless Access Users.
3) Bypass ISP Blocking for VOIP Applications like Skype.
4) Full anonymity by hiding your real IP.
5) Unlike a proxy, you get secured connection for all programs you are using, (e.g ICQ, Email, FTP, News and anything that uses a Internet Connection).

vpnywhere free america vpn service

vpnywhere is located in Wilmington, a VPN service provider, now offers 14-day free trial account VPN. Registration is simple, just e-mail activation, after activation, vpnywhere your VPN account information will be sent to your mailbox. Can try for 14 days, the speed also. IP is displayed as, according to query results is the Netherlands IP. vpnywhere connection, sometimes shows 619 error, try more than once on it.
Registered Address:
VPN trial account login information:
Login: your user name set
Password: the password you set
VPN server address:

vpnreactor Free USA VPN server

vpnreactor Free USA VPN to connect to 128-bit encryption, Internet activities, there is no record kept, is a relatively high encrypted, and can use the mail account registered a month Well, used to apply!
The only shortcoming is to see YouTube has so little point card.
For some reason, Netcom users could not open the registered address.
Home page:
Account Application address:
Then is to activate the account mailbox!
User Name: your user name when registering to set
Password: the password set when you register

VPNod-free America VPN easy unlimited Kuwait KB Soft ( introduced VPN proxy services, VPN services is now available free of charge for the United States to send their e-mail theme “vpnod” e-mail, will receive VPN account information, usually a few minutes you can receive. The message does not indicate how long you can use this VPN, but for simple, do not have to download and install the software, still very convenientinflatable sumo suits for sale
VPNod official website:
Registration and use: 1. Send a mail to the theme vpnod, VPN will automatically return the relevant account information.
We have created an account for you to be one of our private beta users.
Use the following credentials to login to VPN On Demand service:
Username: www @ lxvoip. Com (account number, is your email mailbox)
Password: kieenf (password)
Hostname: vpn. Vpnod. Com (VPN host)
VPN type: PPTP (VPN connection)

LogMeIn Hamachi free vpn server and software

Unmanaged mode allows you and your friends or colleagues to set-up a VPN in a matter of minutes. However you will be limited to a mesh network configuration, and you will miss out on web-based centralized management as well. If you do decide to go this way you will be able to migrate to managed mode later. Free for non-commercial use.
Managed mode gives you the ability to create a VPN in one of three configurations: mesh, hub and spoke or gateway. You will have the ability to deploy clients to your users by emailing them a hyperlink, and you will be able to manage and monitor your networks and their usage centrally from You can even set up and easily manage multiple networks. Free for non-commercial use.

vpn98 free america VPN server

VPN98 a VPN from the U.S. proxy server provider, has simplified Chinese version of the page, in addition to paid services also provide free VPN proxy service, free flow of 2G users per month limit, each connection is automatically disconnected after 20 minutes, each time Disconnect the VPN connection to wait 5 minutes before they can re-connect, IP dial-up every day with no more than 3 times, can not use BT, Thunder and other major traffic download tool. VPN98 not need to download and install software, as long as a simple set can be used to support Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, MacOS X computer operating systems, can also be used for iPhone, Android smart phones.
VPN98 have a campaign to introduce a friend to use VPN98, you can get 10M for VIP traffic, if more flow is necessary to pay for a VIP.